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Technical Design & CAD Schools

Technical Design & CAD (computer-aided drafting) opportunities are available in industries such as construction, engineering, and manufacturing. CAD skills are more important now that there has been a shift in many industries towards using CAD.

Technical design and CAD professionals are often called drafters. Drafters mostly work with architects, aeronautical and electronics engineers, electricians, and others to build technical plans and drawings used by manufacturing and construction workers. Drafters often work with CAD systems to replicate drafts electronically and fill-in technical details.

For most employers, post secondary training in drafting is a requirement. Technical institutes offer the most advanced and complete training for individuals interested in a career in technical design and CAD operation.

Many of the CAD schools reviewed on this site provide career preparation for Technical Design or CAD, but we have found that the schools listed below offer the most comprehensive CAD course training in Technology Design or CAD.

Schools to consider: