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Systems Administrators

Systems administrators are expected to be one of the fastest growing segments. The growth in new computer systems and applications is driving this need for systems administrators.

Systems administrators
and Systems Analysts are responsible for designing and running computer systems to meet the needs of the business. Systems developers may be responsible for building the system while systems architects are responsible for its design. Systems administrators are responsible for the ongoing maintenance of existing systems, and ensuring that the organizations get the maximum benefit for their technology investments. Full-time and contract options are usually available to workers in this area.

Systems Administration Training: Because of the changing nature of technology, systems administrators should have a broad base of technology skills. There is a preference towards applicants with bachelor's degrees in technical areas. However, a 2-year associate degree is sufficient for many roles. Certifications such will strengthen candidate's applications. Many of the schools reviewed on this site offer system administrator courses that provide career preparation for Systems Administrators, but we have found that the schools listed below offer the most comprehensive training in Systems Administration Technology.


Schools to consider: