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Sun Certification Training

Sun Certification includes Java (SCJP) Certification and SCSA Certification.

SCJP Certification is an entry level certification provided by Sun Microsystems. This certification is taken by people who are looking for a career opportunity in Java. This certification is also the prerequisite for other higher level certifications in Java technology.

The SCSA certification is designed for system administrators. They are tasked with performing essential procedures on the Solaris Operating Environment (Solaris OE) and applications support staff responsible for administering a networked server running on the Solaris OE. This is a performance-based course designed upon job-related tasks a professional must perform.

Java has evolved from a language to develop platform independent client application to an architecture for developing n-tier enterprise application. It is important that you keep yourself updated with all the changes so that you are not left behind with obsolete systems. Taking certifications and update exams is a structured way of updating yourself with the technology. Therefore you should think of Sun JAVA certification from the day you decide to work on JAVA to the day you want to keep working on JAVA.

Many of the schools reviewed on this site provide training leading towards the completion of Sun Certifications, but we have found that the schools listed below provide the best programs geared towards Sun Certification

Schools to consider: