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Information Technology (IT) Training Programs

Opportunities in Information Technology continue to be good. Information Technology (IT) is a necessary component in all industries, but there is a concentration in technology related industries. There are a variety of roles for professionals interested in Information Technology. Some of the roles available are:

* Systems administrators: Systems administrators support the information systems of a company. 
* Support technicians: Support technicians work with end users to provide assistance with software and hardware. 
* Management information systems professionals: Management information systems professionals work with management to determine information needs and then design and build systems.

Several schools offer associate and bachelor's degrees in Information Technology. Those interested in Management of Information Science (MIS) positions should expect to complete an Associates, Bachelor's or a Master's degree.

Most of the IT schools reviewed on this site provide career preparation for Information Technology, but we have found that the Information Technology schools listed below offer the most comprehensive IT Information Technology training. Select an Information Technology school, request information, and get started today.

Information Technology Schools and IT School Programs: