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Computer Information Systems Courses, Schools and Computer Information Systems Degrees

Description: All organizations today need computer information systems (CIS) technology to remain successful and run their businesses effectively. As technology continues to evolve, the need for computer information systems professionals will also increase. A Computer Information Systems Course or a Computer Information Degree can help you take a step further towards a career in Computer Information Systems.

Role: Computer Information Systems professionals are involved in the design, direction, and implementation of technology within their organizations. CIS professionals often work with management to determine how to use technology in the organization, and then are responsible for planning how to implement the technology. They often work with engineers, analysts, and programmers to implement new technologies and manage the upkeep of existing standards. C.I.S. work is often project-based.

Training: Strong technical knowledge and communications skills are important in this career field. An Associate's, Certificate, Diploma, or Bachelor's degree, especially in the area of computer information systems, is preferred. To advance to senior management, a Master's degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) or MIS is advisable. Master's in Business Administration is also an option, but the MBA should have a strong focus on Computer Information Technology.

Most of the schools reviewed on this site provide career preparation for Computer Information Systems Professionals, but we have found that the Computer Information Systems Schools listed below offer the most comprehensive training in Computer Information Systems Technology.

Schools to consider: